Sunday, 2 October 2011

tip make up for go work...

salam... tips...huhu.. my friends want go industrial i don't have money to give to u all for go i give some tip make for u all... i hope u all can take this tips...and try be smart and beautiful everyday.... so,  i give three style of make up to u all...

1. The Clean and Natural Professional Look

that very natural make up..very beautiful right..tq sis wardina be my model...huhu

If you are a younger woman, or an older woman with plenty of cheek color, you may not need to add much color; a clean and natural makeup look will suffice. For this look, all you'll need is:
  • An eyelash curler
  • A good black or brown mascara (depending on your coloring)
  • Concealer for under eyes and/or blemishes if needed
  • A makeup foundation of your choice
  • A nude colored lip liner
  • Clear lip gloss
Apply concealer on any problem areas, then apply foundation to cover the face, applying first in the t-zone and blending well. Curl eyelashes and add two coats of mascara (allowing the mascara to dry and comb through between coats). Line and fill in the lips with a nude colored lip pencil, and fill in with clear blush. Optional: a sweep of nude blush.

2. Subtle but Striking Professional Look

very nice and profesional look right..tq sis heliza helmi.
For this look, your makeup colors won't be obvious, but you're look will be striking and certainly professional. In addition to an eye lash curler, mascara, foundation and concealer, you'll need:
  • Two colors of eye shadow: a base color and a medium shade that compliments your eyes
  • A nude, peach, or pink blush that matches your skin tone
  • Lip liner in a nude colors lip liner and a medium dark nude lipstick.
After following the basic steps of the clean and natural look (save the mascara until after you apply the eye shadow) apply the base color eye shadow to the entire mobile lid. Use the medium color above the mobile lid and draw it out toward the crease. Using an eye shadow applicator or brush, apply a thin line of the same color shadow under the lower lashes. Apply blush, sweeping on the apples of cheeks and upward to highlight the cheekbones. Last fill in lips with the lip liner (to give you lipstick staying power) and apply lipstick. The result of this look will give color to your face and give subtle emphasis to your eyes.
3. Strong and Savvy Professional Look

yes..strong and savvy.. same like her....tq sis irma hasmie...

For this makeup look, choose an appropriate concealer, foundation, and mascara. You'll also need:
  • Two shades of eye shadow in a neutral color or subtle shade that compliments your eyes
  • A neutral color of eye liner (dark brown, taupe, and grey and classic choices that won't overhwhelm; the liner should be darker than the shadow)
  • A light and midtone blusher
  • Matching lipstick and lip liner in a berry or brown red shade that matches your skin tone
Apply concealer and foundation, then apply base color eye shadow to the lid and the darker shadow shade above the lid, moving out to the crease on the top lid only. Finish with the pencil or liquid liner (liquid liner makes a sharper line and won't smudge throughout the day) line a thing to medium line along the entire top lash line. Finish the eyes with two coats of mascara.

The resulting look gives a clean, but very professional emphasis on the eyes, the look of high cheekbones, and a classic professional lip. The overall look is a complete professional makeup look for work. It doesn't look overdone because all the shades are neutral or medium tones so the makeup is not too dark or overwhelming.Apply the lighter colored blush at the top of the cheek and along the cheekbone. Use the darker shade of blusher to apply in the hollows and sweep upward.

that all about my tips today...hope u all can use this tip.....
thanks....see u next post...

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